Pvc and Resin Evolution Door

Evolution Door in the model "LIGHT" of Astrea conjugates in if all the ruggedness of the traditional model but with the ability to select it with various types of panel. And 'the door system, conceived and designed for installation in environments such as offices or services that do not require special technical features and aesthetics able to accompany doors as Mod. TEMI AND ASTREA traditional characteristics suitable for cleanrooms, with different temperature and pressure; resistant to moisture, frequent washing and high mechanical strength.

Evolution consists of systems Door knocker, fan and smooth, both automatic and manual, with a predisposition to the logic interlock.


The doors "LIGHT", can be made and installed in a specific manner for different sectors in the respect of all the rules, and in particular:

- Food industry
- Health Sector
- Pharmaceutical Industry

Scheda tecnica "ASTREA" Mod. Light
Scheda tecnica porta LIGHT.pdf
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