Realization controlled contamination areas for the sectors Health, Food, Pharmaceutical and Electronics

Evo group designs, manufactures and installs automatic sliding doors and swing and not, for environments Food, Pharma and health, also bearing false ceilings, partitions Technical HPL and false, changing rooms and also makes use of a vast store of accessories to sharpen every environment class of our production; by visual wall of great dimensions, continuous glass, classic passes materials and even sanitizing passes materials to means Evaporative, then passing through the central PLC for access control that allows the interlock doors that are automatic or manual.

Evo Group srl also deals with servicing of all items produced and performs scheduled maintenance contracts (MOP) for environments such as cleanrooms remain in perfect working order, reducing possible failures and / or production stops.
The skills and experience gained in several years of work led EVO GROUP to stand out for the quality of the delivered products and the professionalism of the service provided.
We offer products tailored to you, frames and accessories for specialized sectors:


perfectly adapting our products to your needs, providing a consolidated competence and doing a professional job, with the objective, albeit marginally, to feel us part of the success of your business.