EVO GROUP aims to vast market of specialized sectors, such as health, food processing, pharmaceutical, electronics, and all contamination controlled environments, offering a wide range of specialized products made in hoc following the specific needs of the customer.


Products such as hinged doors, sliding, manual and automatic, prefabricated walls, ceilings, sanitation systems, are handcrafted with the best raw materials, giving the finished product high quality and aesthetic.
The company believes in the value of quality, professionalism, respect for people and for the work done by them. The goal that recurs is to provide high quality products using specialized and experienced staff to provide the best service you can receive.

Design and turnkey construction

EVO GROUP is a leader in the design and realization of turnkey projects for contamination controlled environments, respecting the specific needs of the customer. It is also concerned with all aspects necessary for the proper performance and in particular the design, construction and installation of:

Serviced regularly scheduled MOP

EVO GROUP is a leader in the execution of services of scheduled maintenance (MOP) in specialist circles, contamination control, such as: