PLC Interlock

The use of a PLC for the management of interlocks of the doors is born from the particularity for which, a system thus produced has to be able to be seen by any other automatic systems present a unit connecting to the cpu Profibus, DeviceNet, or Ethernet Canbus; Also, something to be reckoned with, any modification to the control logic can be performed easily and quickly even from remote and anyone who knows the programming of a plc.


The logic and the type of the interlocks, remains completely free of constraints, because the system provides the possibility to realize with the use of special program softwhere, any modification or variation in time, and the possible remote distance with EVO GROUP SRL, which can handle any deficiencies and the reprogramming of the new logic. Last but not least, driving in via remote maintenance (taking the necessary applications).

Examples of applications for adoption of PLC:
  • Flying automation and Sliding
  • Traffic lights Wall
  • Electric lock or electromagnet
  • Buzzer
  • Button opening of any type (infinity or fungus)

Operating logic of automatic interlocking and visual / acoustic:


Behind closed doors the lights display green light and all doors can be opened (by pressing the open button); with an open door, the lights of the other doors appear red light and the opening of the doors will be locked until the open door will not be closed, in the case the opening of one of the doors with red light is forced open and then snaps the buzzer immediately alarm that indicated that there are local in possible contamination because more than one door is open at the same time.