Partitions Health

Aseptic Modular is the system of prefabricated partitions, which meets all the needs of the customer, for versatility, the type of solutions and materials used.
Walls and false installed dry with panels also planar, suitable for all sensitive environments that require aseptic.

The coating technology Aseptic Modular wall achieves a panel from the surface
perfectly smooth. This ns. Special attention is paid to make more accurate conditions for maintaining dell'asetticità environments clean.

Sandwich panel with high rigidity.
designed to accommodate different types of fittings such as gutters, upper, wainscots health, etc., So as to be perfectly suitable in the various types of environment.
ability to accommodate any type of door as hinged doors glide manual or automatic, manual or automatic slide with dimensions up to mm. 2.500x2.500/3.000 of free passage without any difficulty by the weight of the article, allowing the installation, for example, of doors with a predisposition to lead, visual large, etc; all modules and wall controparete can stay visual perfectly flat with concealed fixing total.
disassembling of each single module.
dry installation.

This careful and exclusive ns. solution is aimed at making more accurate maintaining aseptic conditions in specialist circles. Having ensured all technical aspects, design and construction necessary to give the best conditions for the exchange of environmental factors in order to asepsis, EVO GROUP SRL wanted further to provide designers more aesthetic instruments that contribute to the improvement of the environment clean.

All the rooms clean, made with products Evosystem group, meet all the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14644-1.
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