Brum-Box Food

The system Brumbox, was established in compliance with the regulations on the entry / exit of materials from clean environments (clean rooms) in traditional environments (black circles in general).


Brum-Box specially designed for re-entry of materials to be sterilized inside the rooms
white or more commonly to enter reels room white before having them sterilized, built nelpieno compliance with good manufacturing practice, and the use of which permits full compliance with the procedures set out in the restricted areas.
The installation of the kit sanitizing the normal passbox lowers fully charge
bacterial on any item, introduced inside (EXCEPT THE PRODUCT). The sterilization process takes place through the spray of one or more nozzles (depending on requirements) that brumizzano the most common products for sterilization in the food (Ecolab).
An important advantage of cheap type of this procedure is the possibility of REENTER in the chain the sealed envelopes wrongly ...
The objective of use of the innovative system is to REUSE materials with all the security that they are again and completely sterile and suitable to the acceptance of the product.

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